hyper-insomnie — makeup for Marie sculpt

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  • makeup for Marie sculpt (F3 base)
  • compatible with the darkest skintone
  • PSD with transparent included

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to know

• two variants, insomnie & hypersomnie:
insomnie: regular eyebags
hypersomnie: slightly more eyebags

• only affects the diffuse texture map
the multi map isn
't modified, so it will by default apply base Marie's one, and thus be compatible for darker skintones aswell.

•• for miqote clan/clanless, viera, aura (scaleless, vanilla scales, b&w scales
note: there are no clans for miqote face 1 (seeker) due to the vanilla face having no clan. you can use the clanless version.

terms of service

⛓ make sure to check the initial sculpt's terms of services.
obviously, do not make any profit off of this, do not trace it, etc. 
⛓ personal & private customization is okay and encouraged.
 do not share with anyone that did not buy the mod, please.
⛓ do not use in any way that could be harmful or upsetting for people or yourself.


Vivi for the Marie sculpt, that you can find here:  https://payhip.com/b/bEkif
••• Major praline for the miqote
-viera ressources!

for any problem or help, please contact me on discord or through e-mails!
discord: mii'#2306
discord server: here ♥
mail: chainedcxffin@gmail.com