petit confort — legwarmers & shoes for Bibo+ & TBSE

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セール 売り切れ

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  • legwarmer/shoes combo that contains multiple variants, pattern, and customisation!

  • three model variants (simple, one sock up and one sock down, two socks up)

  • possibility to choose between glossy shoes & matte shoes

  • possibility to dye socks & shoes, or leave them undyable

  • 17 diffuse textures:
    Simple (No pattern)
    Kuromi/Black Kuromi
    Melody/Pink Melody
    Cinnammonroll/Blue Cinnammonroll
    Pink Plaid
    Red Plaid
    Dark Plaid
    Cross & stitches
    Black & White Tiles
    Red & Black Tiles
    Black & White Stripes
    Black & Pink Stripes

  • to know:

legwarmers are fitted to:
••• bibo+ medium and should work with any size of bibo+ legs (small, medium, large). I didn't test it on other variants like lithe+ for example, but it shouldn't need adjustement!
••• Male version is fitted on OG the body SE leg versions.
••• replace calfskin's rider shoes

terms of service

 obviously, do not make any profit off of this, do not trace it, etc. 
⛓ personal & private customization is okay and encouraged.
 do not share with anyone that did not buy the mod, please.
⛓ do not use in any way that could be harmful or upsetting for people or

⛔️ do not resell/redistribute public, paid and free assets from this creator. i got a private & exclusive agreement with them on this product.

special thanks & credits:

huge thanks to Moo's Market for the original mesh, normal, multi and UVs. They're an awesome VRchat creator and please check their store!
••• licence key: B2FF70C4-5ADB4418-A84D9387-F561AB87


for any problem or help, please contact me on discord or through e-mails!
discord: mii'#2306
discord server: here ♥