ruined and beautiful — scars for bibo+ & TBSE

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use #chainedcoffin on twitter if you use my mods!♥


this is officially my third skin mod released. ♥ 
i hope you will enjoy it! 


  • body texture (battle scars) with two variants : unhealed & healed.

unhealed are more vibrant and red.

healed are less saturated and fits better for a lighter look. 

  • installers (ttmp2) that can be imported directly through penumbra or textools. 
  • overlay transparent are in a PSD that needs photopea or photoshop, if you want to customize it, you will need one of those. photopea is free, by the way!

to know:

it has very tiny seam here and there. should not be problematic in the slightest, but i figured i'd mention it! its overall seamless and clean. ♥

it does not work with gen2 (mat_A) and gen3. only bibo+ & tbse. 

terms of service

 obviously, do not make any profit off of this, do not trace it, etc. 
⛓ personal & private customization is okay and encouraged.
 do not share with anyone that did not buy the mod, please.
⛓ do not use in any way that could be harmful or upsetting for people or yourself.


for any problem or help, please contact me on discord or through e-mails!
discord: mii'#2306
discord server: here ♥