bruised and beautiful — bruises&wounds for gen2, bibo+ & TBSE

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use #chainedcoffin on twitter if you use my mods!♥


this is officially my 4th skin mod released. ♥ 
i hope you will enjoy it! 


  • bruises for all gender, all tall races


  • ♡two versions (stapler pin and no stapler pins), with multi adjustements.

(shortened as: "no SP"/"SP" in modpacks.)
  • ♡ 6 sub versions (4 for aura)*

  1. regular* (bruise + heart on chest.
  2.  regular + duct tape
  3.  regular + eyes* on hand palms
  4.  regular + eyes on back of the hands
  5. super bruise (everything) • regular + duct tape + more blood* + eyes back of the hand
  6. mega bruise (everything) - regular + duct tape + more blood + eyes palm

*regular is both elbow bruises/cuts, carved "love/hate", knee bruises, and heart on the chest.
*eyes are eyeshaped cuts. they are looking sketchy on purpose as if it was carved in the skin! just like the heart on the chest.
*more blood add a rather big blood flowing/running on the left leg (the one carved "hate"), but also a little drops running on the heart wound.

*aura: in the modpack/ttmp2 version, for scaled aura (male/female), i didn't include the following versions:

"regular + eyes on back of the hands" and "super bruise • regular + duck tape + more blood + eyes back of the hand")

because aura have scales on the back of their hands and for aesthetic purpose, i personally prefer aura having them only on the palm. you can totally customize it in the PSD though. ♥

  • installers (ttmp2) that can be imported directly through penumbra or textools. 
  • overlay transparent are in a PSD File that needs photopea or photoshop, if you want to customize it, you will need one of those. photopea is free, by the way! make sure to have a basic knowledge of the software, as it has a LOT of layers.

to know:


in the modpack/ttmp2, FEMALE scaled aura is not included! only scaleless. please see the PSD to grab the raw files if you have custom scales!

it has very tiny seam on the heart (chest) on females only.  it shouldnt be a problem unless you do a 800% zoom on it! you can check the additional previews for more informations!

i modified the multi/specular map so the staple pins & the duct tape still looks their color (so metallic/grey) no matter the skin complexion! you can check the additional previews.

terms of service

 obviously, do not make any profit off of this, do not trace it, etc. 
⛓ personal & private customization is okay and encouraged.
 do not share with anyone that did not buy the mod, please.
⛓ do not use in any way that could be harmful or upsetting for people or yourself.


for any problem or help, please contact me on discord or through e-mails!

please use the ticket support on discord for help. i will very likely not answer DMs about mod help anymore.
discord server: here ♥